What is Satvatove?

Satva is a Sanskrit word for “goodness” or “to ​enlighten” and tove has a similar meaning in ​Hebrew. Satvatove Institute offers ​extraordinarily well-held spaces for profound ​personal transformation.

Co-Founder, David Wolf, has delivered over 200 ​Satvatove workshops in over a dozen countries. ​And now, he is coming

to Llandrindod Wells in August 2024!

Do you want more skills to resolve conflict?

...Uncover subconscious internal blocks that ​are stopping you from having the life you want?

...Feel more alive and empowered in life?

In my 20 years of personal growth workshops, I ​experience David’s facilitation, insights, ​challenges and care to be impeccable! The ​Satvatove seminar will support you to explore, ​discover and BECOME the best version of ​yourself.

In this highly experiential, four-day journey you ​will learn tools for resolving past trauma and ​reclaiming your personal power. Packed with ​interactive discussions, group exercises, ​relationship-enhancing tools and games that ​will awaken curiosity, openness and self-​discovery.

Take a stand for your happiness by being willing ​to look directly at what is not working in your ​life and support others in doing the same.

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Call Scott McGregor: 07910 075219


Satvatove Wales

Free Online

Taster Sessions:

6:30 - 8:30 pm UK

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FacilitatED b​y

David Wolf, PhD

Founder, Lead Facilitator ​(USA), Author of Relationships ​that Work

Scott McGregor

Co-Facilitator (UK)

"Our mission at Satvatove Institute is to spark a world-wide revolution in consciousness, by focusing on individual transformation." David Wolf PhD

“This seminar promises a lot. More than I thought was realistic. But it delivered. Delivered more than it promised or that I expected. Thank you” – Rukmini, Designer and Artist, Florida

Testimonials from the ​January Workshop in Wales

What is UNIQUE and SPECIAL about this seminar?

It draws inspiration from ​both the human potential ​movement and the ​ancient bhakti ​(devotional service) ​tradition of India to bring ​you to a deeper level of ​empathy and care to help ​you feel closer to the ​people you love.

You will learn powerful ​ways to harness your ​full potential for ​creating a more ​meaningful and ​enriching way of life.

Become more confident ​in remaining open-​hearted and patient in the ​face of tension and ​conflict.


July 31st, Wednesday Early Arrival (optional): You are welcome to arrive a ​day early (after 4 pm) to get your tent set up and enjoy an evening i​n​ nature.

August 1st, Thursday: Arrive after 8 am, registration begins at 9:0​0 am, the workshop starts promptly at 10 am and ends at approximat​e​ly 8 pm

Aug 2-3 Friday & Saturday: Workshop begins at 9 am and end​s at 8 pm (approx​i​mately).

Aug 4th Sunday: Workshop begins at 9 am. Ending tim​e will be approximately 5 pm o​n​ Sunday.

Foundational Course Investment


August 5th, Monday: Early Arrival: You are welcome to arrive a day early ​(after 4 pm) to get your tent set up and enjoy an evening in nature.

August 6th, Tuesday: Registration from 8:30 am, the workshop starts ​promptly at 9 am. You are welcome to arrive on the 5th.

August 11th or 12th: The Advanced Course can be a 6- or 7-day seminar. The ​hours are not precisely defined because it is an organic, dynamic journey ​driven by the individual processes of each participant and by the group as a ​whole. Thus, it may be completed in six days, six and a half days, or seven ​days. We guarantee that participants will receive the full course, whether it ​takes 6 days or 7 days. Therefore, please arrange your life to be available for ​the full 7 days, but be aware that it could end the day before. David will ​ensure that participants get sufficient rest time from the end of day to start ​of the next day.

Advanced Course Investment

Advanced Seminar Full Price: £1,800

Repeater Price: £899 (if you have taken the course before)

Bring a Friend Price: £3,199 for two

I​n​ addition to the full 6 or 7 day seminar, you will get a 1-hour post-seminar pe​rsonal coaching interview to help you integrate your realisations.

M​e​als and accommodations are separate options to choose from below.

M​e​als: Vegetarian meals will be provided during the seminar for £15 per day or​ £105 for the full event. Gluten free and vegan options will be available, ta​lk to Scott if you have other dietary needs.

C​a​mping: Bring your own tent or van and sleep right on site for £10 per day. Sh​owers and compost toilets are provided. There is no electricity, mobile si​gnal or wifi. This is off-grid, bucolic, natural setting.

G​l​amping: We have Bell Tents with beds and bedding for those that want mo​re comfort for £25 per day.

T​h​ere are ample and affordable BnB’s in the area and we will create a Ca​rpool/Roomshare form to help coordination.

T​h​ere are ample and affordable BnB’s in the area and we will help co​ordinate sharing.

Special Discount for the full journey ​Both courses for £1,950

COMBINED Full Price: £1,950

Retake COMBINED: £950


Hear how Satvatove has improved lives

Other Ongoing Courses

Living Transformative Communication

The Next Online ​Group will begin ​in September.

Facilitated by Scott McGregor

This 12-week journey will support you to practically apply the principles of ​Transformative Communication into your life.

With a live (Zoom) group call every other Thursday, practice sessions with ​peers and 1:1 coaching calls with Scott, you will feel more confident and co​nnected with your inner confidence and clear intentions that you un​covered in the seminar.

“People don’t care what you know, until they know that you care”