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Call Scott McGregor: 07910 075219

Email: smcgreg@gmail.com www.satvatovewales.org


Satvatove Wales

Keep the ​Seminar alive

in your life


Facilitated by Scott McGregor

This 12-week journey will support you to practically apply the principles of ​Transformative Communication into your life.

With a live (Zoom) group call every other Thursday, practice sessions with ​peers and 1:1 coaching calls with Scott and / or Fayenen, you will feel more ​confident and connected with your inner confidence and clear intentions ​that you uncovered in the seminar.

Are you ready to bring more of your authentic self to the world?

Contact Scott to sign up.

“People don’t care what you know, until they know that you care”

Three Ways this Course will Support You

Group learning and practice

Revisit that synergy that ​happened in the seminar ​room where we learn from ​each other. Deepen your ​awareness and inspiration by ​hearing others’ challenges and ​breakthroughs.

Practice Sessions

We will give you exercises to ​practice with each other that ​will build your skills and ​confidence. Gain more ease ​to bring the principles of ​honesty, accountability, ​empathy and win-win into ​your life.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

You will have two 1:1 sessions ​to help you hone in on your ​intentions and the qualities ​and resources you have within ​to help you get to where you ​want to be.

Living Transformative Communication ​Program Details

Group Meetings - Thursdays 6-8 pm UK (1-3 pm ET) on Zoom starting Feb 8t​h, then every other Thursday for 5 more sess​i​ons.

Practice Calls w peers - In the weeks we don’t have a group call, you w​ill be assigned a fellow group member to practice a skill with. Assignments w​ill be given at the end of each group ses​s​ion.

1:1 Coaching Calls - the first call will be scheduled in Weeks 1 and 2, the 2n​d call will be after the 5th group se​s​s​i​on.

Email Scott and pay your tuition of £2​99 to:

Account Holder – Sacred Journey Found​ation

Account number – 31​517783

UK Sort Code – 40-3​0​-05

If you want to transfer from outside the UK, please email Scott at smcgreg@gmail.c​om for additional options and de​t​ails.

How to Sign Up?