Monday’s (6 sessions)

6-8 PM UK Time

Starting 30th Sept


Transformative ​Communication

Six Week Online

Boot Camp

  • Create more depth and harmony with ​people who matter most in your life

  • Resolve conflict and repair stuck ​relationships

  • Never be bored in a conversation ​again!

But I’m already a good ​communicator...

Ever heard someone say this and you can feel your eyes rolling? We are ​that person too! There are times where we don’t pick up cues that ​someone needs an empathic ear - either because they are too quiet or ​too loud.

As we develop our listening we can hear the unspoken feelings in ​between the words. We are adept at offering guesses as to what is going ​on without gaslighting or being pushy.

The art of listening has it’s counterpart in the art of asking for what we ​want. And once we have some ‘wins’ under our belt where we broached a ​topic that we were scared to bring up, that is when the jackpot happens. ​As one latent desire is allowed to surface, more come up because they ​heard it was safe to show their face again. And, oh baby, this is when the ​fun starts. All those dreams, hankerings, desires that were shamed away ​or told “I can’t have that...” are now going to be resurrected - and so will ​your vitality and joy in life!

This work ​changed my life

Over the last 20 years, I’ve attended the Satvatove Seminars led by Dr ​David Wolf over a dozen times - as an attendee, organiser and facilitator ​in training.

It’s Transformative Communication that gave me the skills to help ​navigate leaving the temple and the life of a monk to working in the ​finance world. I needed ways to express my feelings without coming ​across as whiney or demanding. When I did it right, then my speaking up ​created greater levels of clarity, cooperation and fun. I built high ​functioning teams where our whole selves were welcome at the table.

Often, in my facilitation or space holding, I get the comment - “how do ​you do that, where you repeat back the essence of what someone says?”

They feel the healing power of empathy that I learned in Satvatove and ​from the Relationships That Work skills. And we will practise all of these ​skills in this six week course. Find new approaches to handling situations ​that previously may have been ‘no fly zones’ for you - addressing upset ​rather than sweeping it under the rug; inviting people to do something ​you want instead of waiting for them to offer; or finding courage to stand ​up to a bully in a way that diffuses the tension and helps resolve a toxic ​dynamic.

I can emphatically say that the skills I learned from Dr Wolf has been the ​single best training I’ve ever done. That's why I'm offering this six week ​experience - to pass on the tools that Dr Wolf and Satvatove has shared ​with me.

Who is David Wolf?

Since this online workshop is based on the work of Dr David ​Wolf, I wanted to share a bit about him.

Dr Wolf has over 40 years experience in a range of ​counseling, social work, executive coaching, and spiritual ​life coaching. He is the author of Relationships That Work ​and the Founder of the Satvatove Institute, the ​organization under which he delivers his workshops.

He came to Wales in January 2024 to lead the four-day ​Foundational Seminar and will come back in January 2025 ​again (dates to be confirmed).

Who is Scott McGregor?

A question I am constantly finding out myself!

After getting a self-help book at 12 years old, I’ve been ​inspired by Tony Robbins and Carolyn Myss and later ​group workshops like Satvatove, Landmark, Byron Katie, ​NVC, IFS, tantra, Mankind Project and many more.

But the tools I learned in Satvatove are the ones that serve ​me in all environments - from work to workshops.

To step into another person’s world and attune in a deep ​way. creates a sacred space. And in that space, people feel ​safe to share and open up.

I have been hosting men’s retreats for the past four years ​on this site. It is a special place with spiritual roots dating ​thousands of year to the Druids of Wales.

Workshop Timings

The workshop begins Monday Sept 30th from 6-8 pm UK ​time on Zoom. We meet for 6 consecutive Mondays with a ​homework session in between (about an hour of connecting ​with another participant to do a practise together). There ​will also be 2 personal coaching sessions with Scott to help ​you work through challenging areas you want to address.

Investment: £299 per person.

If money is an issue contact Scott, we can work out a trade.